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So I'm looking through the Dilithium (emblem) vendor on ESD at all the purple deflectors. They have probably the most unimpressive purple bonuses I've ever seen.

The base stats for a deflector now seems to be +16 to 3 different skills. What does a quality modifier add? A mere +0.81 which seems to round up to +1 if added to an existing skill on the deflector, so a +16 becomes +17. A fraction of a skill point. Really? That isn't remotely useful, not under this system, not under any system. I went ahead and tested this anyway.

I used a Borg deflector and a Positron array imported from holodeck (since thats what I had lying around).

The Borg deflector gives +16 to shield emitters and the Positron deflector gives +17. So how much more performance does it give to my shield heals?

EPTS 1 gives 1744 per facing with the Borg deflector, and 1759 with the positron deflector.

TSS 2 gives 1762 per facing and 502 per second with the Borg deflector, and 1778 and 507 with the positron (124 aux for both)

TSS 3 gives 2202 and 628 versus 2222 and 633.

Also note the Borg deflector's +5 aux bonus is only +0.38 on Tribble.

Very unimpressive change of about 1%. Obviously I have to question the value of those modifiers and the effort in getting a purple deflector if those stats aren't terribly bugged.

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