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We will be bringing the Tribble server down for maintenance to apply a new update, Stick Day edition.

  • CPR once again resurrects fallen allies.
    • This means that bridge offcers can also resurrect fallen allies again.
  • The promotion ceremony missions are no longer offered.
    • You do not actually need to claim a ship to complete a promotion mission.
  • Removed New Orders, the mission that Quinn uses to send players to Winters.
  • Updated game progression so players under level 12 aren't left with o available episodes.
  • Sent the uppity Ferengi commodity vendor at Drozana Station to anger management courses.
    • He should stop attacking loyal Federation officers with a bat'leth.

Borg Invasion:
  • General
    • Enemy NPCs should have an increased borg crafting item drop rate.
    • Commanders have a substantially increased chance to drop better loot.
    • Added directions to the Defera System in the event listing in the journal.
    • Interact text on the object to spawn the Gorn boss no longer uses the Obelisk text.
    • Added a warning when there are 15, 5, and 1 minutes left before the activity ends.
    • Added more detailed information for crafting vendors.
    • Add a tip on Captain Kuzima on the Borg invasion map to explain how the on/off works.
    • Removed Borg from comm center.
    • Added a mailbox to base camp.
      • Known issue: The mailbox can only be used by one player at a time.
    • Added a contact that pops up at the start of the event to tell you to return to base camp for the mission.
      • It has an optional button to beam directly there.
    • The arms of the Borg probe no longer play audio when the event isn’t running.
  • Power Plant:
    • Turned off access to power plant interior when event is inactive.
    • Getting to the Bottom of Things: The interact now resets if a player dies in the room and respawns.
    • The hard mission can now be started with groups of three or more.
    • Power Play: The mission text now says you need 5 Regeneration Hub Security Keys to shut down a Borg alcove.
    • Added some text to the power plant to explain regeneration keys.
  • Temple:
    • Added a new preserver headshot to the artifact contacts.
  • City:
    • Updated the Modus Operandi mission text to correct the number of arrays to collect.
    • The hard mission can now be started with groups of three or more.

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