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11-11-2011, 11:50 PM
Originally Posted by Stromgold View Post
Everyone = Nerf the powers that I don't use so that I will be stronger

Escorts kill me quite often.. they need to be nerfed! LOL

Cruisers are healing my target before I can kill them.. they need to be nerfed.. LOL

Science is stunning me and stopping my alpha strike.. they need to be nerfed.. LOL

I see where this thread is going.
LOL. Seriously though the only thing I don't really agree on is how they changed the orion cruiser seems more like a super boarding party lovers convention than a carrier. I liked how it was before they changed it not to mention it still looks like crap LOL.

I do believe they need to nerf the requirement to breathe air, I just think they have gone overboard.

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