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I am sure several of us have seen this but alot of players are not picking up the missions and are just running into the zone and killing borg. The problem with this is that alot of loot is being left behind by them and since its per player or per team it just gets scrubbed when the map resets.

For those that actually pick up the missions and need the loot that the borg drop we are left waiting for the borg to respawn and rushing to kill them before someone else does. Which I have no problem if that person actually picks up the loot but to see over 13 loot items being left behind in one area alone is just shameful.

I think that the loot should be dropped and then a timer should start on it, if you don't pick it up in 120 seconds then it becomes available for everyone.

Also the consumable preset randomizers cost is way to high for being a consumable, I suggest cutting its cost by 50% or it will likely never be used.

Thanks for this map and please review my other post about the need for music in this zone. Thanks

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