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# 1 Tutorial and ESD-minimap bug
11-12-2011, 08:42 AM
• BUG:
Minimap of Earthspacedock is partially black
• Description:
The lower left part of the minimap has a total black background. The player icons are still visible however. At the moment I’m still Ensign and just visited the spacedock for the first time (with this character.
• Category:
User Interface / graphics
• Location:
Earthspacedock; just outside of the admirals office
• Commentary:
It’s possibly my own fault because I’m playing with a laptop at minimum graphics.

• BUG:
Tutorial won’t finish
• Description:
When I arrived at spacedock I couldn’t take any more missions because the tutorial wasn’t finished yet. The mission “Tutorial; Assimilation” “Help commander Kelly defeat the Borg in the Vega System” isn’t marked as completed. All requisites to complete the mission were checked besides the last one “return to your ship”.
• Category:
• Location:
Vega Colony
• Commentary:
Because of this I will need to start over from the beginning (luckily it won’t take that long ) If the error still occurs, I will update this topic.

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