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# 1 Skills Revamp Feedback
11-12-2011, 09:05 PM
I have been spending a fair number of test points on respecing my main on Tribble. I have lost count of how many times I have done this, but it has been more than a few. The point of this is that I am trying to find a new build that will get me close to what I have on live. I have read the math posts etc, and frankly they lose me, I'm not a math person, except for simple subtraction.

Let's look at some simple mathematics:
Live server: Bonus to Defense 60%; Tribble, variations from 40-56.1%. Loss of 3.9-20%
Live Server: Bonus Accuracy 15%; Tribble 11-14.5%. Loss of .5-4%
Live Server: Critical Chance 5.4%; Tribble 3.4%. Loss of 2%
Live server: Critical Severity 84.2%; Tribble 59.1%. Loss of 25.1%

I can make it match up from tribble to holodeck for things like hull hp, shields hp, resistances etc. Sadly, in order to match my space skills between the two, I've had to make some significant sacrifices in my ground skills. Goodbye Science Team, Engineering Team, Tactical Team training. So long Tiers 2-5 in any ground skills.

Cryptic, you have been kind enough to lower the "price" of a respec token, but with a massive change like this, respecs should be free (unlimited) on Tribble for the duration of the testing. Why make us jump through hoops when it isn't necessary. Especially when you admit yourselves that this isn't finalized and we are going to have to respec again and again while you iterate new versions of this unbalanced skill tree.

Finally, please, if you only answer one question for me, answer me this: Why on earth would you even consider releasing a half finished skill system, especially when you are attempting to bring in a large influx of new players by going F2P? You claim that Atari rushed you to release STO before it was ready, and it showed in the lack of content and the less than polished gameplay, not to mention all the wrongs done to the KDF. Now here you are with an opportunity to show us that you can do it right and not rush something into production before it is ready, and it appears you will fail yet again.

I'm a lifer so I'll probably take a break again while you sort out this mess. We, your player base, played an unfinished and unpolished game before, and I really hope you aren't about to make the same mistake again with this new skills system.

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