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11-13-2011, 07:55 AM
Unless I'm mistaken I believe that Aux2SIF's cooldown is the same as the global cooldown so it's useless to have 2 copies on a build since their up and down time will be exactly the same.

I'm more of a DPS build myself but if you want to be a healer in a Star Cruiser this is a build I had great success with myself:

Fore weapons:
3x MkXI Phaser Beam Array
1x MkXI Quantum Torpedo

Aft Weapons:
3x MkXI Phaser Beam Array
1x MkXI Quantum Torpedo

Run Full borg set except Shields

MkX Covariant (Ap) (Pha) (Dis) Expensive but very useful in PvP

Lt Tac:
TorpSpread 1, AP Delta

LtCmd Eng:
EPtS1, Extend1, ET3

Cmd Eng:
EPtS1, RSP1, ET3, Extend3

Ens Sci:

Lt Sci:

I ran my power something like: 25/100/25/50

Consoles to support Sci and Tac are pretty much what you want, for Eng consoles I used an Eps console, 2 Neutronium armours, and a Sif generator.

I had pretty good success, I would put out a lot of healing and was able to support the rest of the team.

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