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I love the new duty officer system, assembling a crew and sending them on missions. There is a great variety of crew types and missions for them to be sent on. I feel I should have access to more than 100 crew members on my Excelsior, but I do understand the need for balance, and I would not be able to suggest what to do with extra crew if I wanted to change to an escort instead of my cruiser. I also feel I should be able to have more than five of them on duty for space tasks, but again, I know balance is needed here.

One seemingly small point that nags at me is crew members that are "Doctors" should hold a minimum rank of LTjg, even for common ones. I believe this is also true of counselors. It would also be good to customize them; put all crew in the ship's uniform, even down to setting up where on the ship each crew member can be found.

When purchasing duty officers from the C-Store, it would be nice to be able to purchase specific Tactical/Science/Engineering/Civil Corps packs in addition to the current general pack.

I like being able to designate a First Officer and Department Heads, I know this is something we've all wanted since the beginning. I am sure I am not the first to say that these choices should have some sort of effect on performance, especially for the First Officer. If the Department Heads continue to provide no bonus, it would be fun to be able to add/customize the departments to which we assign our officers.

At this point I just hope I can pick up enough crew assignments to get my Tier 3 officer before it goes live. I expect to hit Tier 2 today.

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