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BUG: Contact "TEMEK" is not offering mission "THE VAULT" to start the Romulan series on Klingon side of Tribble Server. Neither in-person or through "hail box".

Short summary. Level Capt 5 on Klingon side, Completed "Federation War" and "Fekr'hi" episodes in full - next set of episodes are unlocked (Romulan) - "home" page of Hail Box offers mission THE VAULT and "Hail" button is highlighted. Clicking Hail brings up TEMEK dialog - but he states he is busy and that is all (default text) - NO MISSION OFFERED. On Qo'nos "in persion": TEMEK does NOT have "Interreact" Yellow icon, must stand unusually close to TEMEK NPC before "Talk with Temek" prompt appears - click it displays the same default text: no mission offered.


Having created stuff on Foundry - it woul appear the "prerequisite step" has not been completed to allow TEMEK to offer a mission. Only the DEFAULT text appears - no mission of further interaction is offered. Also - in the Great Hall map where TEMEK is located, there is no inidication to interact with him "No yellow icon over his head) and one must get unusually close before being prompted to interact. When interaction, only the default text is displayed and no other interaction is possible - as though a prerequisite step has not been completed.


Klingon Faction MISSION: "The Vault"

How to reproduce (If known.)

1- Achieve minimum level (I am Captain 6) ; Complete "Federation War" and "Fekhri" episodes in full so that "Romulan" tab is unlocked in "Episodes" pane of Hail Box. (Sorry, myy own words to describe UI, I know).
2 - Go to Qu'nos, great hall locate TEMEK. Not that interact icon does not appear.
3 - Get close enough for interatc prompt, interact.
4 - Not that default text is shown with only option to EXIT, no other interaction option is available.


Qu'nos map, Great Hall, J'mpok's right, your left nearest the north-side doorway closest to J'mpok. TEMEK stands with an Orion slave girl.

#### <- Spacer Of some sort,

(So the person reading it can tell where the bug steps end easily.)

I would describe the problem in Foundry terms: In a mission you must complete step 1 before step 2 and step 3 and so on. In the case of talking with NPC's only default text is shown until you complete the prerequisite steps and reach the point in play flow that the NPC will offer additional interaction.

Thus is NPC is step 2, but step 1 has not been reaches, yet, only default text is shown until step 1 is completed (interact with object for example). This is what the problem appears to be: TEMEK is apparently waiting for some prerequisite to be completed before he will begin his dialog/action tree. However, it is unknown at all what that step is - and it may be a bug where that prerequisite step doesn;t even exist (only devs will know that).

In short: TEMEK is not offering missions or interacting as expected, when expected.

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