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Will there be some new coding for pathing and formation? Again, I had characters doing the blind mans buff at doorways. They just couldn't get through it without out personal attention and drawn out attempts to get them to walk through a doorway. As for the formation, the same problme of having the Boffs walk all in front of me while trying to target the enemy is getting rather irritating. I'm getting tired of using rally point to get them to stand still in one place out of the way. If you are going to make improvements then this is one I think the STO population wants done now and not some undefined time later.
Lt. Commander
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11-13-2011, 09:51 PM
I agree, I was just coming to the forums to write something about my BO's game-play tonight. First of all they are always right on top of me. I need a little more distance between the BO's and myself. They are always using the worst powers during a fight. I'll be next to one and I'm shooting, then all of a sudden there is a cover shield in front of me. Now there are sometimes I want a cover shield, but not doing something like this. Tonight one of my BO's (Science) was always just walking around during the fight. She walked right up to an enemy and scanned them. Didn't shoot or hit, just scanned. I had one of my BO's just stand there after I gave him a rally point. I had to give him the rally point because he couldn't get around a cover shield. Yesterday I had one of my BO's (Tactical) fighting with her fists. She was fully armed and protected. but for some reason she decided to punch an enemy instead of shooting them......

You nee to do something about the way BO's are reacting, acting or whatever it is called. We need their AI to be a little more I. They need to be a little smarter, or dumber, but they need to be worked on.......


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