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We've got a New Year coming up , with a clean slate and as some would say an "almost new game" .
Time to take a breath and move on .

So ... , where would you like the game to move on to ?
Yes , I know : content , and no , not c-store "content" !

This is the reason for this thread :
I'd like to hear some reasonable numbers as to where should Cryptic go to next ?

My vote for the next year :

- 6 Featured Episodes
- 1 (or 2) New STF's
- 3 New PVP maps and/or some other form of PVP gameplay
- Whatever they might want to add as "Season 5"
- 2-3 lower level mission polish / remasters

* I'd be willing to lower my FE eps to 4 if "Season 5" has both Fleet Starbases and some sort of Territory control .

** However if by some miracle this game does become a success , I'd expect 2 new STF's per year from now on .

Your thoughts ?

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