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11-15-2011, 07:09 AM
Originally Posted by OlBuzzard
It also might be that we have not found some of the "rare or VERY rare" items ( ie: consoles) that we need to best compliment the system. Finding high end gear or multiple types (depending upon the area where a player is at) may also be something that is expeceted. Let's face it there are a LOT of MMO's that the necessity to chang out gear pieces (depending upon location) is very much a part of the puzzle as well.

Hey .. I'll play nice. Let's ee what shakes out in the end.
eQUIPMENT PLAYS A HUGE PART IN shIP FINAL STATS. I use a MK11 Defelector found on Qo'nos (tribble) that adds 2k to my shields total points.

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