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I started playing STO when it originally came out and have just got back into it. I am currently RA Lower 5 and have been using this animal since I level'd up to RA Lower.

I am a tactical captain and was looking for ideas as to a build to improve broadsiding and hull and shield regeneration. My game style is normally de-cloak on an enemy and give them everything I have but I feel (because I have used Escorts before that I have staggered my points to broadly.

I would be happy to reset my skills and start again but I need to have an idea as to what skills and equipment I should be using. I do not play PvP at the moment but will do so eventually so please keep that in mind. With regards to weapons I would probably use a 3x Phaser Beam & Torpedo Fore and Aft.

I know it is very basic but I am hoping to get ideas from several people and then maybe coming back with a suggested build.

PS I will probably be using the Borg Assimilated Borg Technology set of 4 (unless you say otherwise) and also using my Borg Bridge Officer for a +10 in power (I presume they would stack).

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