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# 1 Touch up K7 Please
11-16-2011, 05:30 AM
K7 could be such a cool place it just needs some love.

A few ideas that I would like to touch on would not take much to do:

1. Move Commander Wildman out of the Admirals Office, remove any vendors, or assignment personnel as well.
That zone really is a waste of space, put Naomi and any of the "needed" NPC's from that zone in the Operations Area / Shipyard of K7, then get ride of that zone for now. There isnt even a Admiral on the station anymore.

2. Attach the Science Lab / Sickbay to the door that use to lead to the Admirals Office, and change the sign from Admirals Office to "Sickbay" or "Sciences Lab".
It never made sense to me why you had to go through the bar to get to the lab.

3.) Get that sick guy in quarantine off the floor, just put him in a bio bed and keep the force-field around him.

4.) Move Icheb to the same area as the War Masters, he technically gives similar missions so he should be near them and not hanging out at the bar with the doctor.

5.) The Traffic Cop that hails you to beam down is a Captain, unless he has taken command of the station away from Naomi I would suggest to make him another lower rank. The same goes for Captain Calhoun but I can live with him since he might just be on special assignment or something for the war effort.

Thats it
I think that will make the zone a lot better and more enjoyable in the long run.
I know with touch ups you most likely aren't looking to create new zones just make existing ones better so I hope this fits that requirement and I hope you consider them. Thank you.

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