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Subject: {RP} {STF} 4th Expeditionary Squadron [Now RECRUITING]

The 4th Expeditionary Squadron is now RECRUITING new members!! You've heard it on Subspace-Radio, you've seen it in ZONE-wide messages, you've seen it on the Star Trek Online forums, you may have even been approached by one of our members, and now you are seeing it HERE!! We are looking for new members for our fleet and YOU have been chosen to join the ranks of the "4th Expeditionary Squadron."

Upon successful membership with the 4th Expeditionary Squadron you will be given full access to the members areas of our forums (once registered if not already), access to the fleet bank, ability to wear one of our customized fleet uniforms (we pay for you uniform change IF you CAN'T afford it), access to knowledgeable experienced and novice players alike and much more.

The 4th Expeditionary Squadron is comprised of mostly RP members but we also have a fair share of regular players too. We often gather at the 602 Club down at Starfleet Academy to chit chat and chill via RP. As our newer members advance through space and reach locations like DS9, Qo'nos, Station K-7, and Vulcan, and other social areas, our circle of RP influence expands.

We at the 4th Expeditionary Squadron have a dedicated section on our forums for RP. For the newcomers to RP and our avid RP players we have a section titled The Academy and Beyond (RP) where members can RP outside of the game as their character via a less fast paced medium. We also have our Captain's Logs forum where you can take RP to a whole new level and start your own Captains Log for other members to read and enjoy.

Our fleet is modeled after the United States Air Force. Potential ranks to achieve are: Wing Commander, Flight Commander, and Officer. When you join you will start out as a Junior Officer under the command of a Flight Commander. As long as you stay active you will remain in the ranks and work towards getting promoted. If you become inactive you will be moved into the Reserves. If you desire to have any alts in the fleet they will be put in the reserves. Only one toon will be allowed in the ranks.

If any of these awesome perks of membership to the 4th Expeditionary Squadron that we have to offer appeal to you, please go to our Recruitment page here on our website, answer a few simple questions, and we will send you a fleet invite in-game.

Thank you for your time and consideration on this matter of utmost importance.


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11-16-2011, 11:44 AM

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