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# 1 how to hull tank?
11-16-2011, 04:00 PM
excuse me if this has already been covered (if it has, please someone provide a link so i can go to it easier), but i am a new eng. in a cruiser. ive read how to shield tank, but seeing as how the borg can make your shields useless, my question to you is.... how do you hull tank? what powers, consoles, etc.. are most useful?

i will be flying an assault cruise, mostly doing STF/PvE with the occasional PvP thrown in for good measure.

what weapons should i use? i use AP on my tac/escort to great effect- would using AP weapons with DEM 3 cause a good amount of DPS?

sci powers, i usually use hazard emitters/polarize hull and TSS/ sci team depending on situation.

tac powers, i honestly have no clue- im used to using cannon and attack pattern skills, so limited tac slots makes it tough for me to decide.

eng powers- the only one im for sure set on is EPtS 3- anything else im open too.

im not sure if i want to have a pure hull tank, maybe a mix between both shield and hull. but above explains alot. any suggestions?

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