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# 1 Two Annoying Problems...
11-18-2011, 11:07 AM
Please fix ASAP Dev's...

1) The latest patch has some how fouled up the ON DEMAND PATCHING code...

Yesterdays patch only loads about 19K with each sign on to the Launcher.

I found by turning ON DEMAND PATCHING OFF, the game loads normally and all the Graphic Problems that were apparent on Tribble last night, are solved.

2) and this is a BIG ONE...

For about a month now if one leaves ones Toon at ESD when closing out the game, it becomes Damn Near IMPOSSIBLE... be able to sign back in on that particular toon.

It also becomes a BIG PROBLEM when one tries to enter ESD form the SOL System, often times causing one to have to Close Out the Game Completely and try again...

Sometimes, SEVERAL TIMES..., to get back to that toon.

I've found that going to SFA and Then to ESD seems to work about 99% of the time...
(though I have had a couple of problems doing that also)

You better get this one fixed before Ya push this whole mess over to the Holodeck or Yer gonna loose Yer F2P'ers in a heartbeat !!

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