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First of all, I really, really don't like being forced to skill into ground. I don't like playing on the ground in this game because it's awful (opinion, of course, don't get your panties in a bunch). It would be much better to work out a method of adding a ground skill pool (gained from ground missions) with a space skill pool (from space missions). In the end though, I suppose this handicap isn't that bad since it's something everyone is forced to deal with.

Failing all other better alternatives, there at least needs to be a better way to determine how many of what points are required to spent in which section of the skill tree. A person playing through spending points as they go won't be able to plan their next investment without knowing how many must be spent versus on ground. Are you going to take it even further and eventually allow us a certain amount of points to spent in the tactical space tree, a certain amount spent in the engineering space tree, in the science space tree, and so on? I could see something like that working, maybe, but certainly not with the current version.

I don't know, skilling up can be a lot of fun. I enjoy having the potential to create interesting builds by investing points in a broad range of skills. Right now the skill tree is too condensed. It can be stream lined without being so smashed together. Allowing us to unlock skills to be trained at level 6 is a great idea but given the cost/benefit there isn't much incentive to go beyond that rank now. With so few skills to invest in, and each skill costing so much it's killing variety.

Having to work out 150, 300, 450, 600, 750 points is going to be obnoxious. We really need to get rid of the x50 and have that part simplified back to something in the original 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 range please.

That flexibility and fun is being reduced more and more with each update.

Also, when this change was put up it seems that 13,800 points were removed from the last skills we invested in. I'm curious as to why another respect wasn't granted or if I've missed it somewhere. If I've missed it, which is a very real possibility, could someone please direct me towards the place or way I might locate it? Thank you.

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