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# 11
11-04-2011, 04:19 PM
Hard drives are probably the most common component that fails on a computer and they can fail even when they are new, especially in laptops (due to being moved while spinning).

If you are getting a blue screen, the error code will often allow someone who knows what they are doing to pinpoint the problem.

If it were my computer, I would check the hard drive first, then the ram. Often games cause faulty graphics cards to fail (or bad power supplies cause the same type of problems) but since this is happening before the game actually launches, I would suspect something other than the GPU.

If it is software related, sometimes the easiest way to fix these sorts of things are to reinstall the OS.

Get the BSOD information to an expert computer tech.
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# 12
11-07-2011, 05:07 PM
I have no difficulty running Holodeck or Redshirt. Any other software runs fairly well. I've made my checks regarding my harddisk, RAM and videocard and so far everything checks out - my drivers are also up to date. Stormshade should have my DxDiag information as well.

I didn't manage to get any assistance for my Ticket from CS, whom are concerned with making sure Holodeck works - and the other servers are off limit (essentially, I'm left high and dry so far as far as Tribble is concerned). So, I've gotta ask: what do I do now? Tribble's patched, so, it's not like I can patch it again and having it file verified yields no result. How do I proceed from there? How do I regain the capacity to access Tribble?

Somewhere in the patching process two builds ago, there was a problem. It caused complications beyond that. Surely there ought to be a way to isolate this, determine what the issue is and fix it. I mean, testing is supposed to cover problem issues like this, right? What if what I stumbled across gets on holodeck and affects more people? There are also problems in the launcher and the CrypticError crashdump utility which both look rather alarming to me.

Right now, I'm thinking of deleting the Tribble folder and having it reinstall. Maybe I won't get a repro, but it'll install correctly. Maybe I will, and I'll be able to obtain more information. I'm just not sure manually deleting is the wisest thing to do, but I don't see any "uninstall Private Test Server" option around...
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# 13
11-08-2011, 07:27 PM
Well, since no Cryptic tech was willing to lend me an hand in fixing Tribble gameclient/the launcher/the CrypticError crashdump utility, I went and had to do my own thing (read: pull my sleeves and help myself). I mean, worse that could happen was that I still wouldn't be able to playtest STO, so... *shrugs*

Writing this for the benefit of other people whom might run into a similar issue.

I wiped the Tribble (/playtest) folder and tried patching it. Around 80-ish %, I got my crash: DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. I knew it wasn't my videocard, or sound card, so I had to look for something else to resolve this.

The first thing I did was take all the Windows Updates available to me. Rinse/repeat until none were left.
Then I entirely deleted the Tribble folder (/playtest).
I ran Advance System Care in Deep Scan to clean up my PC.
From a fresh restart, I took out the two protection softwares I have usually running: NOD32 and Malware Fighter.
Then I started over the Tribble patching process, and it was successful.

What was the problem? Not sure. Crashing during patching hints that it was either something I fixed with Windows Update... or that there was something in the patching that conflicted bigtime with my protective software. The former may be more likely, seeing that Cryptic's code might have kept pace with some Win7 updates that I neglected to do. I get a sneaking impression this won't be the last I'll see from this issue in future patches if its the latter (though it's never caused a problem before).
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# 14
11-08-2011, 07:40 PM
In my experience, that particular error is always due to hardware failures. Sometimes you get the error because a piece of hardware (in this case, RAM and GPU are the most likely culprits) is physically bad. Sometimes you get the error because there is a problem with a low level driver, which in this case would probably be the GPU driver.

If the problem is with the GPU, you just have to replace it. Unfortunately, bad GPU's are pretty difficult to diagnose. If you are getting the error while stressing the GPU, it is probably the physical hardware (you can test this by playing other games and seeing if it crashes). If it is the driver, you are kind of out of luck. All you can really do is update your GPU driver and hope that whatever the game is doing to trigger the problem is either resolved by the driver or the game developer.

Antivirus software also has low level hooks into the operating system, so it can crash the system too.
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# 15
11-18-2011, 03:39 AM
I had a similar problem.

At least when it tried patching tribble it just didn't do anything, i couldn't change to one of the other servers after that.

when restarting the launcher the other two servers worked fine with patching, but again i was stuck with tribble.

When using the option 'Disable on-demand patching' i patched holodeck normally (about 100 MB or so), but with both tribble (+400 MB i think) and redshirt (+200 MB) it crashed.

After a few attempts i gave up, but then i noticed that the partition where i had STO installed on was low on free space. After i cleaned it up and tried again everything worked fine.

So the crash can happen if there is not enough free space. It might have resolved by deleting the tribble folder.

Since i suspect the launcher first downloads all the patch files before actually patching.
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# 16
11-18-2011, 03:54 AM
Most Blue Screen Errors on Windows are indeed caused by Hardware failing on your host machine.

In your case it sounds like your RAM is starting to go out on you, I would run a memory test on it to see if you get any failures. RAM does eventually go out but it normally takes several years to do so unless there is a defect or user error is involved.

The good news is that RAM is easy to replace and you can even do it easily all by yourself. You need to identify what type of RAM you have and then replace it with the same type and as a rule of thumb with a larger capacity.

I hope this helps, Good Luck, and see you out there.
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# 17 my solution
11-18-2011, 05:07 PM
since my game client started with the Open Beta (ver 5. something or other) testing and I was having problems using the same client to install on my laptop I downloaded the latest server build (available at website as a torrent) and reinstalled the game...TA DA! fixed...I know it doesn't help work out what went wrong but it means I can play the game again....I was having EXACTLY the same problem as OP

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