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Ok, let me start off by saying that I have played STO since about a week or two before S2 came out. I have always been a light PvPer, and mostly I enjoyed it, especially at the lower levels.

You guys that post in here get far more in-depth than I, and you know way more about builds and things than I do, so please don't blast this list, as it is just suggestion on how the PvP system could work better.

I'm posting this because while I don't play the PvP segment of the game much, I stand by the plight of the PvP community since it seems that you folks get largely lost in the shuffle when it comes to development.

Ok here goes...remember, this is just one man's opinion.

For starters, there needs to be new maps. People can only play Cracked Planetoid, Solar Wind, and Assimilated Cruiser so much before they are sick of looking at them. Even though there are more maps listed than those 3, they always seem to be the ones that come up, besides Shantytown for assault. So definitely some more maps that support small and larger scale scenarios.

Lobby System: Queues should be dropped entirely in favor of a joinable lobby. Players could join a lobby via their UI, and toggle the window the same way. This way, people that weren't missioning could chat while they wait for the minimum amount of people to join and the match to start.

Match start minimums: The match start minimums should be dropped to 6 players instead of 8. It's way easier to find a 3 v 3, instead of having to wait for a 4 versus 4. A 3 on 3 would actually make for an interesting new challenge as well, since people wouldn't be able to just cluster up and spam stuff.

"Trueskill" System: Implementing a trueskill rating would make matchmaking a bit more fair, and provide an equal experience for the random PvPer like me, or the veterans like yourselves. Sort of gives everyone a fighting chance.

More warzones and open PvP: Plain and simple, they need more warzone type areas on the map where people can go mess around and have fun outside of arenas. Not that hard for the devs to do. They could also have people flag on or off for open PvP as well.

Leaderboards: Any competitive gaming I've ever done, there's always been stat tracking and leaderboards. That shouldn't be any different for STO. The top K/D leaders should be on it, top kills, top damage, top healing, etc. and it should diplay the player's name and what clan/guild they are from so the fleet gets a little love.

New game modes: There needs to be new game modes bad. Cap and hold is cool for space, and Assault is cool for ground along with the regular team vs team matches for space and ground, but there should be some variety. A capture the flag type game would be cool, like where one team has to capture the other's resource and take it to their base or something like Halo's "Infection" mode for ground, where you have to play as Borg and assimilate the entire other team to win. Kind of like a "last man standing" on the ground.
There could also be a "Hardcore" mode for both ground and space where Boff powers and kit powers were disabled, and players have to fight with just their weapons, no special abilities.

I know I may or may not get taken seriously because I don't PvP hardly, but I really just want to see a better game. Maybe this will help, and maybe it won't but at least I got it out here. Thanks guys, and enjoy your PvPing.

~ Supreme

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