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I just went to memory alpha and ,I really hope this is a bug, I was trying to use the new crafting system and it charged me a common URM ( Unreplicatable Material aka Pergium ) when I crafted just one hypo.

I didn't see anywhere that it would cost me that either, in fact on the current UI it doesn't show that a URM is required or how many URM's for that fact. And when you hover an item it just tells you what was needed under the old system...this confused me and felt like a hidden fee for crafting my hypo.

I really think that the consumables, power packs, sheild charges, and hypos should not require URM's, if they do then a smaller URM may need to be created that only costs 10 or 1 dilithium.

Also it would be cool if you added "Very Rare" URM's too.

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