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There is a thread similar to mine here:

I bought the Advanced Cruiser Retrofit (Excelsior T5) and claimed it with one character. All well and good.

Another Alt has a ship token in his inventory, but when I try to claim the ACR for him, it says I already have one in inventory?

So the question is: Can you only have one ship for your account, or can each Alt of proper rank have one?
If someone knows how this is ACTUALLY supposed to work, I would be much obliged if you could inform me.
I don't want to discharge the ship or spend more CPs until this is explained.

"Confused by Cryptic's broken information system."

Edit> Okay, I figured out that if you use the Ship Token in your inventory and right click on it to open the menu and click on "Equip", the ship will appear in your ship list. A round-about way of doing things, but
at least the ship is there.

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