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Bugs/issues pre-21/11/11 In no random order:

The requirements of the Dilithium parts (Unreplicables) is far too high in my opinion. While I appreciate the idea that things should be harder to craft, Requiring some 46K+ of Dilithium just to craft an Aegis set seems a bit unreasonable, especially as your average player will be averaging about 1.5K Dilithium a day (most Dilithium giving missions give out 1440 or so)

How to remedy it:
> Make Lt and Lt Cmd crafing Unreplicable free, or at least require only common.
> reduce the Very Rare (purple) crafting demands by 10%

Revert to the original signage.
Perform another sweep to:
> Correct NPC placements where items have been removed - Stateroom and Requisitions in particular
> Correct NPC pathing. About 2/3rds of all the NPCs are wandering between to beacons next to the Stateroom.

This has been the best thing to date, and I'm happy to report few issues here:
> Items shared in Chat window display as red with no tooltip hover over.
> Changing chanels wipes chart history - fixable by switching tabs and switching back keeping not only the channel you were trying to write to but also the chat history.
> hover-over tool tip for Science BOs on skill window still showing old systems type.

> Various lag issues corrected by restarting the client.
> Ship camera 'juddering' upon entering new sector blocks and instances. To me, It seems to be linked to the size of the DSSVs, so maybe these ships need modifying to correect the camera issue.
> Occasional missing tooltips or incorrect dialogue

> Occasional items and/or NPCs disappearing. One of my BOs on "Everything Old Is New" under the bar on Drozona and in "Rapier" where one of the Hostages is completely missing (although I found her using the 'scan area')
> NPC's not following the player properly; including Miral Paris ("The Kuvah'Magh") and VSS T'Pau ("Task Force Hippocrates")
> Breen set unlocked too late to prove interesting to do. Lower to 38 or so.

I'll edit this post as I find them.

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