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# 1 My Test Report from 2011-11-20
11-20-2011, 02:15 PM
Continued with new engineer captain created on 19 Nov. Played Kei system patrol and Diplomatic Orders mission.


- Getting glitchy, staticy audio in space as well as ground, although less frequently there.

- Cannot switch tabs (i.e., different characters) on character panel when I have a store like Lessa's on ESD open. Since I often want to check or compare store items to what my captain and bridge officers have, this is particularly annoying even if minor.

- A small hypospray I got as a random drop on P'Jem will not stack with the hyposprays I got initially or picked up on Azura. I am not sure exactly which NPC dropped it or when.


- The mission tracker told me to hail Starfleet at the end of the Kei system patrol. I went into the dashboard, but the "next thing" at the top didn't point to this completed mission. Had to go to Available tab to find and complete the mission. Patrols still seem disconnected from the rest of the system.

- The bright black and gold marker for cargo ships looks out of place compared to the other markers. I also don't understand why that icon is appropriate for cargo ships. -- A store icon consistent with vendors in ground would be better.

- Some of the combat tutorial pop-ups on P'Jem are repeats of what's in the prologue. It seems odd to get them in this mission since I completed Azura between Diplomatic Orders and the prologue and there's not tutorial pop-ups in Azura. -- Might be better to have all tutorial info in the prologue or provide an option to turn it off after getting out of ESD for the first time.

- From another character, the revealed Sokketh on P'Jem starts out by saying "Such emotion on your face!". Since that character was a Vulcan, it seems rather incongruous. FaceS of away team, maybe. But Face when I'm a liberated Borg or Vulcan, no!

- Reward for Diplomatic Orders is a choice of 1 item. Is there supposed to be more than one item, or should this no longer be a choices dialog.

- I still have no dilithium after completing the prologue, Azura, Kei, and Diplomatic Orders. None of the BO awards so far have included security officers, and I have no way other than the exchange (which may or may not have them) to round out my crew while I'm learning the game. -- I'd recommend awarding each new captain one of each type of bridge officer when they receive their new orders from the Admiral. It makes sense from a story and IG perspective, and it would allow players to immediately have a fully-rounded team for Azura. I'd prefer those officers have carefully chosen skills, although randomly would be fine too.


- I'm not sure having patrols without a wrapper mission is a good idea. It's hard to keep track of what's been done, and following the Klingon campaign as it comes up move you out of those areas very quickly. I could see missing many of the patrols because of that.

- I don't like seeing all the missions for each campaign in the journal, partly because I don't like spoilers and partly because I don't like clutter. I'd prefer to see the missiions I have accepted first, in sequential order and have the ability to hide the missions I've already completed until I complete the entire series, in which case I just want them all listed in sequential order.

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