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The 77th Fleet
Times are hard for the Federation; enemies from the outside attack us not just physically but psychologically, attacking our way of life, our ideals. The attacks are also from within, members of the Federation itself have begun to question our way. It is at times like this that Star Fleet has always been at its best and now more than ever it needs good officers.

The 77th Fleet has a long and proud tradition of upholding Star Fleet and Federation ideals. Our officers exist to help others and to protect the Federation way of life. If you want to do more to stem the tide, want to be part of the future, then our Fleet has openings for new officers like you. It does not matter if your expertise is Engineering, Tactical, R and D or the Klingons . 77th Fleet has a spot for you.

About The 77th

The 77th, formally the 77th Tactical Fleet, was founded by Admiral Wallace, and the unwavering efforts of all the members who have contributed to the fleet and watched it grow over the last year.
In this period, We, the 77th, have become a multi-national, multi-gaming community and are cultivating endless possibilities to ensure the continuance of what has become a high level of game playing for all involved.
We are always looking for individuals to add to the mix, and are seeking out dedicated, friendly people to bring into the fold.

Code of Honor

Article 1 : As a member of the 77th, I hereby go forth by my duty to honor and respect all those entrusted unto my service. And to those who are lead by my duty, I serve at my best to become the team and learn to develop my leadership skills.

Article 2 : My rank is my responsibility to the team. My support for members will always be present. As a member I have the right to choose to be part of the team and to serve at whatever capacity I may.

Article 3 : The true wealth of the Fleet is its members. Not in credits nor any other system of currency. As a member of the Fleet, I will place no other member above myself, wealth or materialism, reward or office.

Article 4 : Every ranking officer shall uphold the responsibility entrusted to them to lead an individual or team.

Article 5 : I will never forget that I am a member of the 77th, responsible for my actions, and dedicated to the principles upon which this fleet was founded.
We have TeamSpeak. We use this tool run the stf’s, run other mission’s, and communicate with each other.

Please join us TeamSpeak is free to download and free to use. the log in info is address

We hope to speak with you soon.

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