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I'm going to outline a spin on an idea I saw for the crafting system that they wanted to see imported from CO. I won't take credit for this, just so you know.

This idea revolves around allowing players to take any quality item that isn't purple and modify it as they wish.

This proposed idea can be carried out at Memory Alpha or Qo'nos but was visualized being done on board the player's ship so those labs actually serve a use instead of being eye candy.

Step 1:
  • Have an equipment item of either White, Green, or Blue quality. This is the EASY part. Everyone has at least one item they'd want to buff up.

Step 2:
  • Get your hands on some unreplicatable materials.
    ** Yes you need to use dilithium for this proccess.
  • Get a Modifier Schematic.
    ** Uses data samples. You'd still need to go to Memory Alpha/Qo'nos to make these.
  • Have a schematic for the item.
    ** If you are modifying a disruptor compression pistol, use a pistol schematic, and so on.

Step 3:
  • In your ship's lab, bring the item and the materials and schematics to the appropriate console.
  • The item goes in one slot, the schmatics in the second and third slots, unreplicatable materials in the fourth.
  • Click "Modify".
    ** You can only modify an item with one bonus at a time. So you can't take a white item and turn it into a blue or purple in one click.
  • The system will roll against a table for your chance of successful crafting. White items have the highest success rate of being turned into a green. Greens have a moderate success rate of turning blue. Blues have a low chance of turning purple.
    ** Failed rolls will refund the item you tried to modify, but all other ingredients (schematic and unreplicatable materials) are consumed.
    *** Purple quality items made this way may or may not be BoP depending on what they are ([Borg] definitely should be).
  • The [Borg] Modifier requires 10 EDC's or 1 Rare Borg Salvage (subject to change).
    ** All items that get [Borg] modifiers are BoP so the market doesn't get flooded with them and to help encourage crafting only what the player will actually USE.

  • Attempting to craft modifiers depends entirely on wither it is a ground item or a space item and will use the appropriate modifiers for its class and type.
    ** You cannot use this system to get around Memory Alpha/Qo'nos' own crafting lists. So you cannot make Kits or any other item that you could have gotten by just making it outright at said crafting hub.
  • Each Modification available for an item will have different requirements.
    ** Crafting a [Borg] weapon can only be done on weapons that are already Blue quality and will be more difficult than making any other kind of Purple quality weapon. It cannot create Borg X Drone arms either (go get them on Defera).
  • You cannot modify ship consoles or any consumable item.

The general goal is to allow players to make what they want with what they have. Players could craft modifiers on their current equipment if they wanted, or use it to help craft for their friends.

It is not intended to replace or be better than crafting items outright at the two major crafting hubs. In fact that's why modifier crafting requires the player to first go to said hubs to get the materials the system needs before progressing further. Its also why this system has a fixed chance of success and failure for each successive upgrade that favors failure more for each attempted upgrade. This way, players that do get all the way to Purple Quality would have a few bragging rights.

I'm not holding my breath that Cryptic Devs will comment on this system or even implement anything like it. I'm not even going to keep my hopes up that it will be well received. But I wanted to put my idea up for feedback so that it can be reshaped into something more likely to be accepted by the general player base and something the devs could probably call a "good idea" even if its not put into the game.

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