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# 1 Deciding between 2 ships
11-20-2011, 08:23 PM

I am Tactical. I'm right now LCM9. First and foremost I don't plan on spending any C-store points.
I am not a pvp player. I am a casual player.
So my end goal for now is between 2 ships: Advance Escort & Assault Cruiser.

Advance escort has:
hull: 30,000
shields: 4,478
Bridge Officers: 2 science, 2 tactical, 1 engineer
Weapons: 4 Front 3 Back
Bonus: weapons +15

Assault Cruiser has:
Hull: 39,000
Shields: 4,975
Bridge officers: 1 science, 2 tactical, 2 engineers
Weapons 4 Front 4 Back
Bonus: power levels +5

Which should I go for? Of course I would put skill points into the right ship/weapons.

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