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With the news that D'Vak and his Omega Force will be moving to DS9 to setup shop it has some of us wondering will we have access to an Omega Force store at Battle Group Omega as well?

Here is a suggestion I put on another post:

Move the U.S.S Victory to a more central location between the Federation and Klingon Fleets at Battle Group Omega. We can then beam over to the U.S.S. Victory. Captain Four of Ten ( Click ) could be the Omega Forces Second in Command and currently in charge of Battle Group Omega. Once we beam over to the U.S.S. Victory we leave the transporter room and have access to certain areas of the ship. An Omega Quartermaster could run the Store and we could have a small crafting area ran by the infamous Lt. Ort ( Click ) who needed a better job anyway, and to keep the Klingons happy allow access to the mess so they can get their drink on. The DS9 location would supplement this location.

I think that would work well, and it would establish a second in command for D'Vak, and give Lt. Ort a cool job with Omega Force!

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