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I have looked all over for even a hint to an end date to get the rewards for testing on tribble.

Is it assumed by players that it will be the actual move from tribble to holodeck? Just that without a date, a lot of players who read the detailed information about the rewards, late like I did, may create a new toon on tribble while it is too late without even knowing it.

That will cause some annoyance and confusion when the rewards are being issued.

My new toon created yesterday is on the way to Captain, but I don't even know if I'm too late to get all of the items. This Q weekend kind of hinted the cut off was near, if you didn't know any better like myself. I will try to get to 51 tomorrow just to be safe.

So if someone could clear this up that would be great.

I would love a tribble chat channel for this kind of stuff with some automated information, the priority stuff. In that sense it is almost like subscribing to a news feed on the web but in this case it would be in-game and target testing/testers only.

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