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11-22-2011, 01:42 AM
Originally Posted by Kahn View Post
I have a Caitian Engineer that uses the Galaxy-X. I put together a pretty interesting build with it, using Phasers, Quantum Torpedo's and Quantum Mine's. I basically went Phaser Beam Array's all around except I put one Quantum Torp Launcher up front, and a Quantum Mine Launcher in the back. I find that by doing this I can keep a pretty good arc of damage. Basically I have no less than 3 beam banks firing on a target at any given point except when being attacked from the rear. In such case I use the Mine launcher. Front side damage is pretty good, as I use Target Shield Subsystems II and Phaser Lance. I always recommend using the lance after you get someone's shields down for maximum effect, and since it's on such a large timer, it's well worth it.

Defense wise I think I've got the Borg Engines, Deflector Dish, and Assimilated Console, then use the Aegis Shield Array. I find that my overall shields are too low using the borg shields and really by using all 4 pieces you just get a tractor beam. With the 3 pieces you still get the regen shields from the set. I also use EP2S III, which helps to fix my shields when being attacked, especially if someone manages to get them down. I also use DEM III or II I can't exactly remember without logging in... but it helps bust though the shields for that little extra damage with the beams.

Anyway just a few idea's. Mine is built more like a tank than a straight DPS build, but I find I can crank out a pretty decent amount of DPS as well.
I decided to go with Phaser Arrays..after playing yesterday I noticed that I spent more time then I though on my broadside so I think I should go with the Phaser Arrays..I might go with the AntiProton when the skill tree changes.

Interesting idea about the mines though have you tried Tricobalt Mines?

I also now have the Borg Console, Deflector and Engines.

My plan was this...Borg Console, Engines and Shields with the Aegis Deflector.

Originally Posted by Heathen666 View Post
I'll happily craft you some v.Rare q-Torps. E-mail in game if you want me to.
Thanks for the offer but I have just got 3x Phaser Dual Beam Banks XI (Very Rare) & 2x Quantum Torpedo XI (Very Rare)

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