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# 1 New Bridge Officer skills.
11-22-2011, 07:00 AM
I'm sure everyone at Cryptic is busy these days but I think something needs to be said. Since the games release there have not been any new bridge officer powers introduced. Given that there is a distinct lack of variety at the ensign levels for both Engineering and Tactical I came up with a few skills that could be added to the game to make things more interesting. Note: I have not included a power that redistributes shield facings as it has been said one is being considered already. All cooldowns are with fully trained bridge officers (9/9).

The tactical ones are obvious and have no doubt been suggested before.

Cannon: Overload

Modify next cannon attack
-50 power drain
30 sec CD
15 sec GCD with other cannon skills and Beam: Overload
Deals X damage.
@ rank 1 (Ensign) X = 550% normal damage.
@ rank 2 (Lieutenant) X = 675% normal damage.
@ rank 3 (Lieutenant Commander) X = 800% normal damage.

This makes it do slightly less damage than Beam Overload but not significantly less.

Beam: Rapid Fire

Increases the number of shots fired by beam weapons for 10 seconds
30 sec CD
15 sec GCD with other beam skills and Cannon: Rapid Fire
@ rank 1 (Lieutenant) +1 hit per beam.
@ rank 2 (Lieutenant Commander) +2 hits per beam.
@ rank 3 (Commander) +3 hits per beam.

It may be necessary to examine the values more closely. This also gives a beam skill at Commander. Something we don't have at the moment.

Now onto the Engineering skills I came up with. One will be immediately recognisable as something most cruisers have wanted for some time. Tricky to balance due to the way hull resists suffer diminishing returns and shield resists dont.

Remodulate Shields

@ rank 1 (Ensign) +X damage resistance.
@ rank 2 (Lieutenant) +X damage resistance.
@ rank 3 (Lieutenant Commander) +X damage resistance.
Tractor Beam immunity
15 sec duration
45 sec CD
15 sec GCD with Emergency Power to Shields

X is slightly less than the comparable levels for Polarize Hull with the value being based off shield power instead of aux power but with a slightly lower coefficient to make up for the fact most people run high shield power anyway.

Transport Torpedo

Places a debuff on enemy. (Considered a boarding party. i.e. Tactical Team removes)
After 5 seconds deals kinetic damage with 100% shield penetration with a chance to disable subsystems. (Cleansable)
@ rank 1 (Ensign) 4500 Kinetic Damage. 25% chance 1 random subsystem offline for 5 seconds.
@ rank 2 (Lieutenant) 5750 Kinetic Damage. 50% chance 1 random subsystem offline for 6 seconds.
@ rank 3 (Lieutenant Commander) 7000 Kinetic Damage. 100% chance 1 random subsystem offline for 7 seconds.
30 sec CD
5km range
360 degree arc.

Damage is not modified by skills but can crit as normal. This adds a little damage potential to cruisers which may upset some people but uses the same BO slots as the common tanking skills to balance this out.

Ok so there are a few ideas. Please feel free to comment.

P.s. This is posted here because there is no suggestions forum.

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