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We will be bringing the Tribble server down for maintenance to apply a new update.

  • The space dilithium gear vendor on Earth Spacedock now includes Mk XI gear.
  • The store for STF gear has been moved to DS9
    • The vendors on ESD and Qo’noS have been removed.
  • Updated the accolades that complete at specific ranks to explain bonus captain skills earned there.
    • They will now complete when a player earns a specific number of skill points, rather than after spending skill points.
  • Removed Naomi Wildman's dialog about the Delta Flyer.
  • Resolved some issues with patch on demand and made it faster.
  • Updated Events:
    • Borg invasion of Defera now takes place 3 times a week
      • One is targeted toward PST, one toward EST and one toward GMT
    • STF weekly events now happen on Wednesdays for 24 hours.
  • The Big Lobes Update: Ferengi now get a 20% discount in all EC stores and gold-pressed latinum stores.
    • Ship replicators not included. Some terms and conditions may apply.
  • Added a tip for how to holster/unholster your weapon. Appears just after the hallway of Borg destructible devices in the tutorial.
  • Crafting tweaks:
    • Went back to 2 kinds of unreplicateable matter
      • Common -- 10 dilithium
      • Uncommon -- 1000 dilithium
    • This makes it easier to track what you need to build stuff.
  • Players are now automatically informed when one of their Foundry projects is banned.
  • Purchasing extra Foundry Slots now correctly grants you foundry slots.
  • Resolved an issue where a team member could cause the other member's pets to despawn by requesting reinforcements.
  • Updated the art for Shield indicators to make them more awesome and improve performance.
  • Updated art for the Elite Autocarbine.
    • It now looks more antiprotoney.
  • Updated the FX for Plasma Space Weapons.

Duty Officers:
  • Double clicking assignments to start now works again.
  • The completed assignment count will now include assignments that don't have rewards.
  • Toned down Cannibal Tribble damage received when attempt to pet it.
  • Fixed some slotting and configuration errors with a few assignments, notably "Turn Over Contraband".
  • Changed "Investigate Rumors of Klingon Intelligence" name back to original and added a Starfleet version.
    • Made both Very Rare.
  • Added a note describing how to increase commendation ranks.
  • Add commendation rewards to the duty officer overview.
  • Reinforcement assignments will have their numerical rewards bumped up to reflect their casualty and fatality rate.
  • The KDF Espionage assignment "Investigate Klingon Intelligence" has been renamed so as to minimize the chance of Klingon players locating and burning down Heretic’s house.
  • Duty officer commendation store contact will now unlock the ability to allow you to purchase other duty officers of that tier and commendation category with Dilithium.
    • This is in addition to providing a free duty officer at each commendation tier for a commendation.
  • Reduced the casualty and fatality rates for many assignments including: Prototype, Data Sample gathering, Appropriate Artifacts, Trade, Shipboard Medical Illnesses, Transporting Weaponized Viruses, Disable Freighter.
  • Added assignments to more zones.
  • Increased rarity of "Reverse Engineer Alien Personal Shield Technology" assignment.
  • Added new Marauding raid assignments.
  • Reduced the number of duty officers required for many Marauding assignments.
  • Assembled turrets/torpedo platforms acquired via the duty officer system can now be sold to vendors for Energy Credits.
  • Adjusted duration, rewards and outcome odds for Military offensive assignments.
  • Added more assignment possibilities to Qo'noS.
  • Newly acquired duty officer assignment turrets and torpedo platforms will be a stack of 20, rather than a single device with 20 charges.
  • Fixed bad slotting requirements on many assignments.
  • Fixed missing or bad slotting icons on many assignments.
  • Slightly increased the prevalance of Diplomacy and Marauding assignments.
  • Updated names for Colonial resupply assignments to indicate the type of commodity needed.
  • Increased rewards for "Suppress Raid" type assignments to better match their casualty rates.
  • Adjusted "Experimental" type assignment duration and rewards up, and re-rigged their outcome weightings to work properly with the new outcome math.
  • Adjusted Trade assignments to be a little harder, but the chance for a profitable or extremely profitable outcome is still well above 50%, assuming you are slotting a Trader or Quartermaster specialist.
  • Added several new Marauding assignments that utilize Prisoners.
    • And Refugees and Colonists...
  • Change Settings tab label to "Department Heads".
    • Also added a help message to the top of the department heads tab to help clarify functionality.
  • Updated the plan assignment tab to make it more clear that all the assignment slots have been filled.
  • Players now get a special 3-pack of DOFFs at levels 12, 22, 32, and 42.
  • The stat display in the dossier now shows the cooldown as a percentage instead of a value.
  • Specializations are now tagged Space or Ground depending on whether they have an active space or ground skill.
  • Added an empty message to the assignment logs so that it's not completely empty when there are no assignments in the log.
  • There is now a confirmation message when equipping an unbound duty officer.
  • Updated Klingon art for Marauding rewarded Transwarp powers.
  • Updated data sample-gathering assignments rewards to grant the correct rarity.
  • Added missing duty officer icons in assignment slotting for some assignments.
  • Updated rewards for "Long Distance Trade" assignment.

  • Revamped Klingon mission flow:
    • Updated flow for PvE killing fields, star clusters, PvP arenas, PvP scenarios.
      • They all have a single contact.
      • They all have a single intro mission and subsequent repeatable missions, no longer dailies, that are all player leveled.
    • Killing fields now scale to player level and give out an appropriate amount of dilithium ore.
    • Tour of Qo’noS is no longer a gating factor for any mission.
    • Tour of Qo’noS is now set to level 21.
    • PvP missions now require three playthroughs at all levels.
    • Bringing Down the House has mission in Qo’noS to help guide the player to the gate out of town.
    • Also updated the federation-side PvP missions to match Klingon ones numbers-wise.
  • The Hargh'peng torpedo returns to Klingon crafting!
  • Added a "Beam to Academy" option to the Qo'noS shipyard transporter.
  • Adjusted position of Nexa, Ferengi trader on Qo'noS, so that she is seated in a slightly more accurate position.

  • Coliseum:
    • Dying to the Warriguls no longer respawns the player in the day portion of the mission.
    • Killing the warriguls before prompted to do so no longer halts mission progression.
    • The secret weapon stash is once again functional.
    • If player activates turrets when worm is targeting Slamek, the turret is not destroyed and continues firing forever.
  • Briar Patch: Removed 80% of the turrets and cut the travel distance in half.
  • The mission Skills Trainer will now complete upon speaking to Commander Balt.
  • Mission replay consoles have been removed from all player bridges.
  • Everything Old is New: In Drozana on the past, it should be possible once again to sneak past the officers in the cargo bay.
  • Tutorial:
    • After 30 seconds it will automatically advance past the initial “look around” objective.
    • Officers running to the bridge are now jogging instead of speed-walking.
    • Players now automatically get a tactical officer at the end of the Khitomer section.
  • Updated music for the Defera Borg Invasion.
  • The following patrols missions now correctly scale to the player’s level:
    • T'Iokol System
    • Lonco System
    • Alth'ndor System
    • Lirss System
    • Reimers System
    • Vesper System
    • Ceron System
    • Kalferi System
    • Maiewski System
    • Khellian System
    • Myrax System
    • Daise System
    • Eirhess System
    • Lateri System
    • Malon System
    • Kern System
    • Shahr System
    • Dubhe System
    • Obrom SystemB'lii Patrol
    • Aido System
  • The following patrol missions can now be turned in after completion:
    • Chapel System
    • Enocha System
    • Ruben System
    • Toron System
    • Liuen System
    • Vestalan System
  • Chulan System patrol now has correct rewards.
  • Caralun System patrol rewards updated to match other nearby patrol missions.
  • Updated the Xleen System patrol text to remove the reference to the Ruben System.
  • Updated the T'liss System patrol mission turn in text to correct a typo.
  • Updated the Tephrei System patrol mission turn in text to correct a typo.
  • Replaced missing enemy in Eirhess System Patrol so the mission can now be completed.
  • The final scientist in the Europani System patrol mission can now be rescued.
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11-23-2011, 03:00 PM
  • The Graviton Generators skill no longer unlocks training for Tractor Beam III.
    • Tractor Beam III will now appear in Random Bridge Officers.
  • The Subspace Decompiler skill no longer unlocks training for Charged Particle Burst III.
    • Charged Particle Burst III will now appear in Random Bridge Officers.
  • Moved Photonic Shockwave III training from Graviton Generators skill to Subspace Decompiler skill.
  • Updated some consoles and Borg set items that granted a power level bonus to restore the bonus to the values that are on Holodeck.
  • Updated Warp Core Potential so it gives you a power bonus even if you power level is about 75.
  • Updated XP boosts to ensure you get your XP bonus even if your character is dead
  • For example, if your team earns Skill Points while your character is dead.
  • The Crystalline Entity can no longer be knocked or repelled.
  • Bridge Officers have been re-trained in CPR and will use it correctly now.
  • Updated Marauding Force so the shuttles act more like a persistent hangar pet.
    • It will attack its target with disruptor cannons, and it will launch a boarding party.
      • The shuttles will continue to attack while the boarding party is out.
      • Every 90 seconds or so they can launch another boarding party.
      • They keep doing this until destroyed.
    • Launching Marauding Force does not consume your crew.
      • The Marauding Force shuttles have their own crew.
    • The Marauding Force hangar item launches 2 shuttles
      • You can have up to 2 wings out at a time to a max of 4 Marauding Force shuttles.
  • The Federation Starship Auxilliary Performance skill node now correctly gives 99 skill.
  • You can now roll while auto-fire is active in RPG mode.
  • The radius of Tricobalt rift was increased to 75.
  • Powers granted by unlocking accolades no longer require changing maps to be applied.

Special Task Forces:
  • Added penalties for leaving in-progress public STFs
    • If you leave an in-progress STF you will be unable to queue for any other STF for one hour.
  • Added all new STF accolades, and their respective title rewards.
  • Have fun finding them!
  • Reduced the cost of STF items in the STF item store to match the new queue timers.

  • Character select screens have been updated for both factions.
  • NPC contact icons have been made smaller based on player feedback.
  • All player ships now have appropriate hull strength indicator images.
  • Updated event images for Crystalline Entity Event, Foundry Event, Starfleet Academy Event, Crafting Event, Lore Event, and Defera Ground Invasion event.
  • The generic planet preview image for system information in sector space has been updated.
  • Updated the waypoint indicator for player-created waypoints and added a distance tracker to it.
  • Player-created waypoints will try to hug the ground surface on ground maps.
  • Added a compass to the HUD on ground maps.
    • Now there are waypoint markers in the compass for any mission waypoint.
  • The Qo’noS Dilithium Exchange is no longer referred to as an emblem exchange.
  • Added tooltips to the dilithium exchange windows.
  • Linking items in chat now works as expected.
  • Borg Invasion Cybernetic Armature, Fibro-Neural Interface Cabling and Nanopower Capacitors have proper icons now.
  • Selecting your ship in contributing skills no longer displays melee attacks for that ship.
  • Selecting Take All from the Overflow bag will no longer cause a crash.
  • Changing chat channels with the dropdown menu no longer clears the text in the chat window.
  • Bridge officer promotion window will now display the correct number of skillpoints required for promotion.
  • Players will no longer receive a chat message requesting reviews for non-Foundry missions.
  • Unused help buttons were removed from various windows.
  • The chat window will now correctly scroll down when new text is added.
  • References to costume and uniform have been changed to the new term “Outfit”.
  • Added unique icons for Elite Starfleet, KDF and Neutral ground weapons, Marks 10-12.
  • Updated the positronic torpedo icon.
  • The "To" of a tell is now being displayed correctly in the chat window.

Known Issues:
  • The STF queue timeout is incorrectly set for 15 minutes.
  • Some of the Elite costume unlocks do not work correctly:
    • Federation neutral Mk 12 Female is missing the helmet.
    • Klingon neutral Mk 12 Female and male are missing their helmets.
    • Klingon Honor mk11 female and male are missing their helmets.
  • Elite Uniforms: M.A.C.O, Honor Guard, and Omega Squad uniforms currently have issues with color selection
    • Sometimes there are swatches that do not appear to alter your costume or swatches that give you too many options.
    • In final release these will be fixed and many parts will use restricted color sets.
  • One of the inventory UI changes may shuffle inventory contents around.
    • Some moved items may end up in the overflow bag.
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11-23-2011, 03:07 PM
Removed Naomi Wildman's dialog about the Delta Flyer.

Ah well we all knew it was going to happen.
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# 4
11-23-2011, 03:07 PM
Nice work
/10 char
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# 5
11-23-2011, 03:07 PM
Nice job guys
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11-23-2011, 03:09 PM
Why did you move the stf gear to DS9? That sounds like a pain.
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why remove the replay console from the bridge?

did I miss something?

Did they stop working ?
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11-23-2011, 03:10 PM
Sorry, the Borg invasion is 3 times a week? You mean 3 one hour/two hour segments in an entire week or is the attack occurring over longer hours.

If it's a day I can understand it but a week? No, not good. Please don't limit major content in this way, or force people to play content at specific times. The other events are small and cycle quickly. The ground invasion is a big deal. Don't limit it off.
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11-23-2011, 03:12 PM
Originally Posted by Clavis-0
why remove the replay console from the bridge?

did I miss something?

Did they stop working ?
They were working fine. However, we let you replay missions right out of the journal now so having it on your bridge became superfluous.
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11-23-2011, 03:13 PM
A compass with a waypoint indicator on the ground. Awesome!!

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