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# 1 Thanksgiving Patch
11-23-2011, 11:45 PM
Event Calander - Causes CTDs.

New DOFF UI - The commendation and overview of the XP System is almost perfect. But still hard to read the XP Numbers on the Federation.

Revised ESD - Well Text is Better, but really could do without the Neon Signs. Still not Star Trek.

And REALLY could do without the corny rainbow on my ESD Map.

Shipyard Sign ........... really needs work.

Shipyard NPCs: Noticed that they were moved inside the Shipyard Area, but they really don't make sense standing there.

Raxx (Ship Customization) needs some more consoles and to be working on them than standing there talking to himself. And he really needs a Rank in his name.

(BTW, the Customization Feature still needs Centered).

And Shipyard consoles on the lower floor, really need fixed. Having them inside one another...just looks sloppy.

Obin - He needs a promotion, you wouldn't expect an Ensign to be doing such important jobs. Since the Information Console was taken out, why not move him to that console?

BUG: Skill System is still Bugged and cannot respec or train ship skill.

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