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Or so I gather from these DOf missions on my Commander 9 KDF tac no less;

Forced Labor Requisition for Ker'rat : The local population has proved difficult to motivate. Send in prisoners to work in forced labor camps in thier place.

I can see why. The Borg do not swing hamers and picks very well, though they do have a wonderful way with technology.

Surely though such a mild manner with the Borg must mean we have shown them our mettle and they now act as if we where not even there. j/k

THis one DOff mission peaked my interest though.

Resupply Ground Deployement on Ker'rat. simple materials drop mission.

THough it does give me hope to se a Ground PvP portion of Ker'rat on that cracked planetoid thingy with the chance to get some epic back drop views off teh edge, etc... oneday.

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