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Lt. Commander
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11-24-2011, 06:18 PM
Hi, everyone.

I'm new to the game and so far really enjoying it. I'm a huge Star Trek fan and have wanted to play for a while, but it wasn't financially feasible. Now it is and I intend to continue on as a gold member come the change to F2P.

I recently completed all the three Feature Episodes back to back since a. I hadn't played them before and b. I wanted to get the three unique rewards while they were available. Doing those gave me considerable experience and leveled my character up to Lt Commander quite quickly.

Now, I've got a huge list of missions from multiple people available to me. How do I know which ones to do and in which order? How do I know which ones advance the 'storyline' as opposed to just being side missions?

Thanks for any help,


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