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I’m still baffled by the signs in ESD. I know more revisions are still ahead, but maybe until then the community can help me out here.

Which ‘Color Zone’ area is Ship Requisitions in? Is it:

A. The Blue Zone
B. The Red Zone
C. The Yellow Zone
D. First City Red Light District

Maybe this screen cap will help... or not:

If you answered correctly, without cheating by looking at the mini-map, then replicate your self a cookie.

P.S. I am very excited and pleased about the recent mockup image that was tweeted. I do hope Cryptic is at least going to go in that direction. It's still nowhere near as cool as it was to have something on the wall that kind of looked like an L-Cars display, but it's way, WAY better than the original 'new signs'. If you edit the tweet yourself to remove the little 'connect-the-dots' line between the two icons, it looks EVEN better still.

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