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So I've been posting on the forums a lot more recently. Like -- a lot more. And this is my first real venture into the web as a social environment. (other than traditional e-mail accounts, mostly work related).

I saw something about not starting multiple threads on the same topic. I'm guessing they don't want spams of threads of the same exact title. but does this rule mean that we should try not to, or might get in trouble for, starting a thread on a topic that someone else has started a thread on somewhere else in the forum? Does it mean we can not start another thread on the same topic if we are comming at it from another angle or dicussing a different aspect of the same topic? Obviously the forums are easier for everyone to use if a single topic stays in as few threads as possible. I was just wondering how strict this rule is and how narrowly does the community/and or moderators define "the same topic".

Also I read a bit about not using 'hyperlinks' or 'hot links' or something. because it costs someone extra money. Who is the party that ends up paying? Does it cost Cryptic everytime we put a link to a webpage like a wiki or a photo archive account in a post? I've been posting links to a new photobucket account that I just created because I had seen that that is what some other forum members are using to share screen caps and snarky mods of screen caps, etc. :p
Are we not supposed to include anything that is a clickable link? I thought that that's all the term 'hot llink' meant? Does it have a specific definition besides just some text that you can click on to go to another page? And yes, I do know that 'hot links' does not refer to bacon.:p



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