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# 1 F2P revamp nerf turn rate?
11-27-2011, 07:27 AM
hello cryptic guy, i wanted to post this before you put the f2p build live on december so maybe some changes could be implement before.

so i wanted to draw your attention on something strange that i realize when transfering my holodeck toon to the tribble test server.
this is that no matter how i put the skillpoint across the board i can't reach the same turn rate that i have in holodeck.

i am now going to detail you my build on the holodeck and tribble test so you will be able to see that i have done everything that could be done to enhanced the turn rate of the ship in both case ( with the same space trait of course ) so here it is:

toon on holodeck:

VA vulcan engineer with only techie as space trait flying a dreadnought cruiser
( yes i haven't got enough knowelge of the game at time of creation of the toon to choose other more appropriate space trait, still waiting for your retrait cstore token by the way )

and the allocation skill point concerning turn rate:
starship command:9
cruiser captain:9
heavy cruiser captain:9
exploration cruiser captain:9
assault cruiser captain:9
starship combat maneuvers:9
engine performance:9
starship engines efficiency:9
starship warp core training:9

this toon have the borg engine, no turn rate console, his engine power level is set to 25 and got 5 efficient BO, so with all that it give me these stat:

with 5 efficient bo and so, engine power level at 25/62 i got a flight speed of 23.18 and turn rate of 9.8
without efficient bo and so engine power level at 25/58 i got a flight speed of 22.32 and turn rate of 9.6

that was for the holodeck toon, now stat for the same toon transfert to tribble test server:

these are the skillpoint ( at least i am 98.5% sure) that enhanced turn rate on trible:
starship warp core efficiency:9
starship impulse thruster:9
starship warp core potential:9
starship engines performance:9

so, this with same exact setting in power level and gear that the holodeck toon give me this:

with 5 efficient bo and so, engine power level at 25/61 ???? i got flight speed of 26.88 and turn rate of 9.3
without efficient bo, engine power level at 25/59 i got flight speed at 26.29 and turn rate at 9.2

so to resume i go from 9.8 turn rate to 9.3.
i known that could seem not very important but bielieve me it is when you fly a dreadnought cruiser.
this lost in turn rate could be perceived as negligeable to an exelsior ship or an escort, but not for a dreadnought.

from what i see it seem that the bonus per point in turn rate is less than holodeck concerning the power level of the engine in tribble
to clarify because i don't known if i expreses myself correctly, you get less turn rate at same engine power level.

so... my questions are: is that intended?, a bug? or is there a skill i don't known in the new tree that enhanced turn rate? or do you simply don't managed that in your calculation?
of course i really love to have a response to this, your not in the obligation to reveal all mechanisme of the game just simply teel me if it is a perfect calcuting solution to prevent things with other ship, ot that it is really a bug, but i wanted to have a clue.
not that i am not speaking about the actual efficient BO nerf, that the reason of my number with and without them.

and last these number have been collected just before this post was written.
so that it, thank for your attention( i hope ).

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