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11-27-2011, 01:24 PM
I have to see how bad this is going to be.......The Members that have stayed with STO seem to be forgoten. I understand a desire for new players but with the total lack of new content and a push towards C Store items, I can see Cryptic really going the wrong way with this. I have played a couple of other games online, but this one had such a chance at finally break the mold that most others follow.....but alas, seems they forget what Star Trek really was about.
I feel more Jaded than ever, I have played tribble untill the Bugs in there drove me away (want to bet they show up on Holodeck too). I have been on STO for over 600 days and feel like I have been thrown away as both a player and one that stayed with a game that released no new content for a long time.
Want to Impress me (and I will bet alot of other long time members as well)? Give us something really nice. How about a choice of really good VA ships, with Universal consoles and BOFFs. It's already in code with the BOP so why not Impress those that have stood behind a company that hasn't delivered anything new for those that have been here for the long haul ??
I would dare say few have a loyal following, you are among those few right now........and you are so close to driving those people away it isn't funny. 400 C Store credits isn't much, in other words, I can buy an intrepid in four months....think about it like that. Give us, the ones that have stayed and accepted the lack of anything new and the issues you have faced as a company, something we can really show off and say it was worth hanging around and running STFs untill our eye's were blood shot.
Oh, and I hate to say this, but the DOFF system seems to be worth less and less and the STFs actualy upset me to no end. Hey, how abot a dual setup, you know, leave the STFs like they are for those of us that like them and have them PvE for those that can't run the Cure VA in 45 minutes(STFs are all we've had for quite sometime now)
If you're only going to try to impress those that haven't even played STO yet, you're gonna lose those that have played without any real reason for quite a long time. I highly suggest you think really hard about this direction as I feel you will lose those that have proven Loyal and quite possibly crazy for playing the same thing over and over without anything to show for it.
P.S.....Once again I have an Alt/toon stuck ingame, this time at Starfleet academy. She can't leave the grounds at all. Do you really think someone that has no money and little time in this game is going to be so understanding and better yet, would even continue to play ?? If they are like most my friend's and thier kid's, they will leave the game and tell everyone how unhappy and displeased they are with the game and how they wouldn't have spent a dime to play it. You realise this is the second time in less than 6 months I have been stuck and unable to use this alt ?? And, for the record, I have been told about alot of Online games to "Never Ever Play as Long as I Live" by my friend's kid's I just Don't ever want to see STO in that list as Long as I Live.
Lt. Commander
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11-29-2011, 06:26 AM
Originally Posted by Cristonic
And, for the record, I have been told about alot of Online games to "Never Ever Play as Long as I Live" by my friend's kid's I just Don't ever want to see STO in that list as Long as I Live.
I dont think anybody here does.

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