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11-29-2011, 10:37 AM
Originally Posted by Cattivo80 View Post
I have a lot of fun screwing around with my eng/defiant and making klingons whine in kerrat. The burst is certainly limited, but that just means it takes a little longer to take out klinks. Sometimes it's just five additional seconds, other times it's an extra minute or two, depending upon the pilot I'm up against. Extended 1v1s against a BoP or raptor are very fun. Unfortunately, a klink that got annoyed by my tanking & running ability wouldn't 1v1 with me last night. Ironic, since I'm used to klinks making 1v1 challenges in kerrat and the feds making the excuses. Odd to see the opposite scenario.

Sometimes when kerrat is mostly full of klinks, it's just fun to see how long I can last against 3 or 5 of them if I don't feel like running against those odds.

I gotta say, EPS power transfer is good at keeping weapons power levels high, while boosting all other subsystems. Almost makes up for not having any captain abilities that buff your damage or debuff your opponent's resistance. Almost. Nadion is a poor man's version of it which at least keeps weapons power up while EPS is on cool down.
now thats something to think about, thanks. i had been stacking EPSxFER and nadion, i will try splitting them up, ty.

are you using CRF3, BO3? or HY3? i gotta have omega1 in there at least....

and yep, flying fast on high shield power in that ship i can tank for a good bit, but that toon needs his borg deflector to bolster that a bit more.

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