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11-29-2011, 10:15 PM
Lieutenant's log, Stardate - 89501.65 (11/23/2011 21:28:35)

After my debrief with Starfleet Intelligence, I received a request from Admiral Quinn. Our orders once the Macross was out of dry dock is to go to the Paulson Nebula in the Lackey system. For some reason the Undine had interest in the nebula and Intelligence needs someone to go in. As we were the ones to oust the Undine from the Vulcan Ambassador, we were the ones selected.

Tala requested that we outfit the ship with new phaser arrays to compensate for the damage we took, unfortunately we did not get any requisition merits from the last few missions to proceed with that upgrade, so we will have to do without it this time.

Fernando was able to scrounge up some hull plating that would be added onto the current hull infrastructure for more protection, which he picked up a little too much so we'll have to salvage what we can when we see the next Ferrangi trader coming our way. He was also able to retrieve a Resilient shield array from one of the destroyed Klingon birds of prey in our last skirmish and replaced our current shield array system while repairs were being completed.

Tynza was able to requisition from a nearby ship a graviton generator. It's the thought that counts that she was able to find this but we currently do not have a use for it. We'll keep it online to boost the current tractor beam arrays.

Commander Winters was very kind, coming on board the Macross to talk in private about my current command. Handing over a bottle of Tranya as a good luck charm. "Since we've made it this far." He said, "And for quick thinking with the Undine incident." I was willing to open it up with him, but he was required to be on duty in a few hours.

We have a few more days of repairs ahead of us before Macross would take missions again, with this Paulson Nebula mission taking priority above the Klingon invasions. Tynza took requested leave off to go back to Andoria to visit her family, while Fernando was finishing installing the shield array. Tala insisted that she stay on board to oversee security, and update the duty officers. I believe she had different motive for staying aside from work. We did spend one night together, finishing up the duty roster, when she noticed the bottle of Tranya. As it was late and we didn't have dinner, she decided to make a traditional Andorian dinner with a few Terran dishes that she knew personally. The dinner was excellent, and we did take a few too many sips of the Tranya, but the evening was enjoyable with my first officer.

But I'm getting a little off track. Next week we will be picking up Tynza from Andoria and head to the Lackey system. With the Holographic work crews working day and night to repair the majority of the damage, the Macross will be fully operational by Stardate 89518.00.

Lieutenant Valient, out.

Lieutenant's log, Stardate 89518.35 (11/29/2011 23:42:09)

After picking up Tynza from Andoria, we arrived in the Lackey system to find the U.S.S. Valor under attack by Gorn frigates. Tala managed to lock onto all three frigates and strike each one once to let them know that the Valor was not alone. While she was heavily damaged, her shields stayed active long enough for us to dispatch the three frigates. Captain Stefan Marz contacted us stating that the Gorn were using the Paulson Nebula as a mining operation after hijacking it from Federation miners while they were mapping out the Paulson Nebula. Unfortunately they couldn't move without being offered some new Dilithium crystals to get their warp core back online. We managed to find a few of the Gorn mining sites and stole some of their ill gotten crystals , while fending off a cruiser that was stationed close by. They must have send a signal to their major mining operation in Lackey III, which Tynza confirmed, as another cruiser began attacking the Valor as we were making it back to them. That ship was destroyed very quickly thanks to Tala's quick shooting. Captain Marz mentioned that we would need Decalithium crystals to even attempt to go into the Paulson Nebula because of the dust clouds deeper in the nebula. We thanked him and he limped off to Starbase 157 once they made repairs.

We headed to Lackey III where we found the mining station, but it was guarded by a small cruiser and two frigates. After a quick dispatch we tried to take some of the Decalithium crystals, but our transporter locks were being scrambled. Tynza found the station jamming our signal with a larger cruiser sitting in waiting. She warned the jamming station to evacuate before we blow them up with spatial charges. The cruiser saw us and began to attack, which we dispatched like the last two and beamed the charges into the station, removing it from the rock it was attached to. Fernado then beamed the crystals to main engineering and outfitted the warp core with them, giving us 4.5% more output to survive the nebula. Which became our next stop.

When we arrived. Tynza found 5 large objects which we needed to scan. And the only one with anything on it was a very large asteroid with a Klingon base inside. Unfortunately a Raptor class bird of prey along with several dozen mines covered the area. We had to remove most of the mines and the Raptor to beam into the station.

Once there, we fought our way to the main computer core room, getting details of what was happening. The Klingons were using the Lackey system as a listening post in Federation space! We were able to download the computer core with a few more squads arriving to try and stop us. Once we finished downloading the information, Tala got a response from the Macross, stating that more Klingon warbirds were on their way. We took the chance we had and left before they arrived.

We're on our way now to Memory Alpha. Admiral Quinn had me talk with Lieutenant Egg about these anomalies we've been detecting. Apparently R&D needs these anomalies to develop better tools and systems.

Once we arrive, I'll be forwarding our information we gathered from the nebula over to Starfleet Intelligence. I'm sure Admiral Quinn will have another task for us to complete.

Lieutenant Valient, out

Quest: Hide and Seek - Complete, Scientific Mandate - Enroute
Ship: ShiKahr Class - Light Cruiser
Name: U.S.S. Macross
Weapons: Phaser Beam Array Standard x2, Photon Torpedo x1
Deflector: Deflector Array, Standard
Impulse: Impulse Engine, Standard
Shield: Resilient Shield Array Mk I
Current Consoles:
Engineering: Console - Engineering - Diburnium Hull Plating Mk I
Science: Console - Science - Graviton Generator Mk I
Tactical: Console - Tactical - Phaser Relay Mk I
Current Bridge Officers:
Ensign Tactical Slot: Tala
Tactical Skills: Torp, HY 1 lvl 5, Photon Grenade 1 lvl 1
Ensign Science Slot: Tynza Esryb
Science Skills: TSS I lvl 3, Tachyon Harmonic I lvl 1
Ensign Engineer Slot: Fernando Mitch Opstein
Engineer Skills: EPtW lvl 4, Mine Barrier I lvl 1
Current Capt. Skills: Starship Command lvl 7, Energy Wep. Train. lvl 7, Warp Core Train. lvl 7, Starship Attack Vectors. Lvl 7, Eng team lead lvl 1, tactical team lead lvl 1

EC: 0
SM: 480
GPL: 0

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