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11-30-2011, 05:09 AM
Originally Posted by Dax_Aussie_Boy
Grrrr..... i agree when are the possibilites of using the in-game bulletine going to be used to give up a heads up on thing that could potentially saves us the trouble of fracking up...

*tosses hands up in the air*

aside from that.... very disappointed on the additional console that were made.... why are we making saucer seperation and transwarp abilities that were made for the ship that were bought in c-store now made univerisally. who came up with that fracking idea.....

*gleers intentively*

if there was some early indication that there was a huge possibility of doing that then i would have saved my money. or better yet.... why not add a extra row or spaces to allow "special console" to be made for when you are adding those console... since we already have a tactical, science and engineering box for consoles...

*rapidly tapping foot*

i would have like some form of communication when this was brought up...

*walks away*
dont mean to sound a tosser just absolutely confused on what who and how thing are looking better.

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