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11-30-2011, 09:36 AM
So you finally show your cards eh cryptic. The sole reason for dilithium was to money grab and not to slow level progression as you previously said.
Oh how we all fell for your elaborate lies, not!

As spoken by Obisek in the mission "coliseum": Now you see. Now you KNOW!

My question though is this: why bother to rush everybody to VA so fast when after ploughing through the missions, you get to VA and realise there is nothing to actually do when you get there, quit?

Unless you have some master plan that would out do brains taking over the world plans, like I dont know, adding some endgame content, I am not seeing anything currently ingame that will keep them playing. Especially when they realise that they would have to do the same few dailies for months just to get enough dilithium to oufit a ship worthy enough of being able to do even the normal versions of the stf's.
Not only that, but when they trudge through the mud that is endgame for those months and get some mk x gear, they are then met with yet another few months grind to get borg gear.

If they survive the first few months grind doing the daillies, I can guarauntee to you they wont bother with the next one.

Oh, I hear you say, they will buy some c-points and get some dilithium with it to shorten the journey.
No, no they wont. You see, f2p players want to play the whole game for free, they will not pay for anything as it goes against the f2p idea, and if they didn't, they wouild allready be playing via the sub option anyways.

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