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11-30-2011, 03:59 AM
Gearing up is slowed down, leveling pace is increased. Oh, well, if they think that's the way to go...
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11-30-2011, 01:04 PM
Originally Posted by Capitain Wilhelm
So dev blog #24 stated that the game was going to have a faster progression curve indeed. So this leads me to believe that the levelling curve will be the same that is on Tribble. Someone can confirm this?

Also, if my assumption is true, I must ask: does this makes sense? I mean, when stormshade was interviewed by Priority One, they said that they was aiming at slowing down the game. It was because this they were introducing high dilithium prices on high end gear. Even if my assumption is wrong. They clearly stated that they will be making progression faster (perhaps not so fast as on tribble, but faster than on holodeck). This would not make sense. What will happen is: people will come. Level up faster than the Enterprise-D running away from Q, see that the only thing that remained to do is to grind, leave the game until more missions is released.

So, from all this, I think that some dev should answer why they are doing this. It is something that for what I'm seeing, doesn't bring any benefit for Cryptic or players.

No worries, this is from the same people who said you could make VA in 24 hours. This is just double-talk. This dev post can be read by everyone and is on the front page of their site.

Now you're going F2P, you know you've added a bunch of grind to slow the progression to end-game, but do you really want to announce the ADDITION of grind to potential players? Hell no! So, since you have added a Doff system which gives you an additional way to level, you say you've "streamlined" leveling. A potential player might skip a game that has added grind, but looks forward to a game that has streamlined leveling!

When it comes to gameplay, don't react to what they say, react to what it IS. Over and over again that's proved to be two different things.

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