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# 1 Dilithium Exchange - WARNING!
11-30-2011, 11:45 PM
(This warning assumes the build currently sat on Tribble is the one going to Holodeck later today.)

Be very careful if you are using the Dilithium Exchange to relist previously traded C-Points; as Sell Orders do not deduct from the C-Point Exchange Balance. Instead, Sell Orders are always deducted from the generic Personal balance shared with Champions Online, even if C-Points exist in the Exchange balance.

Example of bug
If you buy 500 STO-locked C-Points with Dilithium and have 1600 points in your Personal Balance to use on Champions Online; reselling the 500 STO C-Points will take another 500 points from your Personal Balance. Leaving you with 1100 points available to Champions Online, and the original 500 STO-locked points in your Exchange Balance. The other 500 points can be withdrawn into your Personal Balance, but these points will remain locked to STO.

Buying and Selling Dilithium deducts from the Exchange Balance first, not the Personal Balance. This is the expected result, and the opposite of how C-Store points are currently traded.

If you want to sell C-Points from your Exchange Balance, you must ALWAYS withdraw them into your Personal Balance first. It is hoped any STO-locked points will be used first, leaving generic points available to spend on Champions Online. Of course, there's been no way to prove this on Tribble.

The bug was raised a month ago, and has not been acknowledged so far. (Also raised in TTS channel, but bug reporting directly from Tribble no longer works reliably in this build.)

Whether this was deliberate or not is debatable. After all, a team only gets revenue from C-Points when they're locked to a particular game.

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