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12-01-2011, 11:17 AM
Originally Posted by dgwynne View Post
Thank you for giving this background. By no means do I intend to invalidate the obvious and genuine frustration of many players who feel Cryptic has very much let them down. I just see that as a separate issue from the near constant complaints on this forum.

I understand why users would use this forum as an outlet to express concern to developers/Cryptic, but from just a cursory glance, there are literally HUNDREDS of posts about the same issues over and over again. That can be very tiresome, especially if you're just trying to read or learn about a topic, only for it to be hijacked with a laundry list of complaints.

If the game is no longer worth the money and I am unhappy with the changes, then the solution is to no longer pay money and leave the game. People have given feedback. Some feedback has been accepted by the developers, some has not. The game moves forward. Complaining about changes is very different than offering constructive responses before decisions are made.
Welcome to STO dgwynne! Please note that most of the people that are raging and flaming on these threads are old beta testers... and it's in their nature to complain about something.

Being rational and having an actual discussion is not their goal.

If you would like to avoid the negative nature of this forum, then you may want to stay out of the Discussion threads... cause it gets nasty sometimes.
I have found other parts of the STO forums much more pleasant.

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