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I noticed my Defiant R has the cloak in an extra engineering console. I don't really use the cloak that much, so I took it off and threw in a better console. I'll keep the cloak in my inventory just in case.

I made my Defiant into the Sao Paolo anyway. Here's my layout, sorry I forget some of the names:

Fore Weapons:
Quantum Torpedo Mk XI (Purple)
Quad Phase Cannon
Heavy Dual Phaser Cannon Mk XI (Purple)
Heavy Dual Phaser Cannon Mk XI (Purple)

Aft Weapons:
Quantum Torpedo Mk XI (Purple)
Heavy Phaser Turret Mk XI (Purple)
Heavy Phaser Turret Mk XI (Purple)

Shields, Impulse Engine, Deflector Dish: Aegis Set

Engineer Console:
Field Generator Mk XI (Blue)
SIF Generator Mk XI (Blue)
Inertial Dampener Mk XI (Blue)

Science Consoles:
Biofunction Monitor Mk XI (Blue)
Point Defense System Turret

Tactical Consoles:
Zero Point Quantum Chamber Mk XI (Blue)
Warhead Yield Chamber Mk XI (Blue)
Prefire Chamber Mk XI (Blue)
Impulse Capacitance Cell

I think that's right. What do you all think about it?

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