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Lt. Commander
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I've been cheering Season 5 since it's been on tribble, for the most part, I am very happy with what is there. There are some changes or things the devs could do to improve the gameplay experience however, just some slight tweaks.

The Skill Tree - Firstly, the skill tree is a bit of a mess, and I wish the ground update would have also been released with the rest of it, seems odd to only release half of it. However, it is done. Therefore, what we need is a grace period to make changes to our skills. We are only human, and it takes time to figure out something new like this, we are so used to the old skill tree, we need time to figure out where to properly place our skills. Also, you will be releasing the ground update, which means we will have to respec again anyway. Please give us a grace period where changing skills doesn't cost anything. And or, give us a gift of respec tokens. I have 10 characters to spec, and I am bound to get it wrong the first time, there will be lots of respecing in my future, and I think a grace period would be very kind of you to do for your members since you have forced this new skill tree on us.

Green Highlighted Signs in ESD - There are already threads and posts about this, but those signs really are ugly. They remove you from the game and diminish the gameplay experience. Create graphics that more align with Starfleet LCARS and something we'd expect to see in the 25th century, a hologram LCARS would be neat. The graphics are just ugly at this point.

Optional Time Limits in STFs to get Salvage - Understandably this is a game element you have chosen to implement, to artificially create a harder STF. However, I don't know how the rest of you feel, but this time limit is a bit annoying, and removes from the gameplay experience of an STF. Now, it seems STFs are rushed. Now sometimes I like doing a rushed STF, but sometimes I like doing it slow with a team and enjoying what's there. I think the time limits to do the optional to get the salvage creates a chaotic and rushed STF experience. I wish the salvage wasn't linked to completing a TIMED optional. Perhaps an optional you complete, without the time limit, would be preferred, something extra you have to do in the STF, but no time limit. Then people could chose to do the optional if they want the salvage, or not.

Salvage only drops one and you need/greed/pass on it? - I am probably wrong on this one, and I hope I am, the community will correct me if I'm wrong, but do the STFs drop only one Salvage, and you need/greed on them? If this is the case, this is a bad move. The STFs should always drop something that everyone should get, whether thats the encrypted data chip, or the salvage, everyone should get one, there should be no need/greed on it, cause everyone will always be choosing need, and it will get really frustrating for people playing the STFs. I like having a reward for completing an STF, I should receive a reward for it, period.

Remove Dilithium Refinement cap - This one has been argued since it was introduced on tribble, but the cap of 8,000 dilithium a day is unacceptable for silver/gold/lifetime members. I can understand it for F2P members, but for lifers, gold players etc.... it should be either uncapped, or set a lot higher, please respect your current members and honor them, they brought you to where you are today.

This extends to other things as well, and is a point I want to harp on, your current members, for the last 2 years, have brought you to where you are now. Gold/Lifers whatever, should be given special privileges that F2P players do not have, caps should be raised, the ability to get more stuff etc... Please don't forget us.

As I play more, there might be more things I think of, I'll add if I do.

-The Doctor

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