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# 1 An appeal for art
12-02-2011, 02:00 PM
Upon logging in today I noticed that the Klingon and Federation ships with the new quad cannons were available. I immediately purchased my new bird of prey anxiously anticipating slapping the new skin of the ship onto my aged and not near as attractive Hegh'ta. Only to find out that the skin for this commander level ship only is applicable to another commander level ship.... what is the point of this? As near as I can tell one commander level BoP is the same as the next....

Now I hate to start another "You give the feds all the love thread", but.... the sal palo class gives the feds a quad cannon on a ship skin that is used for thier Tier 5. So is it possible that we could get this lovely 4 winged beauty on our Tier 5 Birds of Prey?

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