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12-02-2011, 03:58 PM
Hi, i would like a list of the new skill tree, with EVERY single skill that is affected by each thing.

i pretty much had my build exactly how i wanted it before all this new (and imo crap) came into it.

so would be greatfull if anyone knows the EXACT skills that get affected, becasue Cryptic only give you a vauge guess at what it is, not a full and complete info fact


ALSO why have some consoles been changed, yet no refund/compensation was given? makes no sense.

for example one of the science consoles used to affect hull heals, i cant recall the name of it - but now it has a resistance buff/debuff... WTF??? at least TRY to link it to what the item USED to be...

Not really happy about much of the changes but hey, thats life - would just be thankfull for any help that can be given

alos i would just like to point out, that i know there is the system in game in the skill tree menus to show a specific skill you/your officers have and what to put points into to affect it. but i just wanted to know EVERY single skill i guess im asking for too much lol

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